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Government delegation to Saudi-Arabia

Metalcom will be a part of the official Hungarian Governmental Delegation to  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in June.

Parliament of the Information Society »

Metalcom Inc. sponsored event-Parliament of the Information Society

In the Information Society IT plays a leading role in the production, in the economy and in the everyday life of people. The embeddedness of IT is so high that several fields cannot be without it interpreted.
Demand is natural for raising the level and improving the quality of the discussions among representatives of different groups of the society and decision makers responsible for shaping the information society. The mission of the event "Parliament of the Information Society" is to give forum to elevated dialogues of representatives of NGOs, governmental institutions and for-profit enterprises contributing to exploiting benefits of ICT for the society.

Project in Albania

As a partner company for NEC Europe Metalcom Albania is working on transmission network installation for the new

Project possibilities in Middle East

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